Women's Wallets

Timeless designs, smart details 

Small and beautiful - this is absolutely true of BOGNER’s small leather goods.  The selection of toiletry bags and purses, as well as other smart travel essentials is large and varied.  And stylish too!  Women enjoy stylish pieces with functional details and timeless colours.  

Purses from BOGNER: smart interior included 

With a purse from BOGNER, women have it all in the palm of their hand - and with it a range of smart features to take advantage of.  These include inner pockets with space for banknotes and bank cards, as well as a separate compartment for small change.  Speaking of handling:  thanks to the use of pure cowhide with a fine grain, the small leather goods feel pleasant and look elegant. 

Toiletry bags from BOGNER:  Packing your luggage made easy 

“Never travel without luggage from BOGNER!” Women who are familiar with the features of our toiletry bags never want to travel without them again.  Understandable, because internal slot compartments offer space for all the important essentials and help to keep things tidy.  Two-way zips ensure practical and quick handling.  In terms of fashion, women appreciate the timeless design with signature details such as minimalist perforations or high-quality logo tags. 

Stylish travel companions from BOGNER 

The purses and toiletry bags feel most at home in the premium women’s handbags and backpacks from BOGNER.  Whether it’s a cross body bag with a cool shoulder strap in a striped design for a leisurely stroll, or weekenders and backpacks with plenty of space for weekend trips:  a stylish companion is quickly found for every occasion.