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BOGNER and FIRE+ICE for skiers and snowboarders

Every winter sportsman knows – it’s all down to high-quality equipment! This applies as much to the skis and the snowboard as to the outfit. After all, during outdoor activities we all want to be equipped for every eventuality. Especially out on the mountain, where the wind that blows is so different from the one in the valley. Why should so much thought go into the choice of men’s ski trousers? And how do BOGNER and FIRE+ICE manage to unite fashion and functionality to such a pinnacle of perfection? Read about it here!

The functional demands placed on men’s ski trousers

Ski trousers should keep you warm, especially during the times when you’re not moving. This means that the material of this functional legwear is critical so that waiting for the lift doesn’t turn into a freezing affair. In this respect, insulation and breathability are indispensable properties. They make sure that sweat is wicked away from the body to thus regulate the body temperature. Special functional underwear further reinforces this effect. ...

The high-quality ski trousers collection from BOGNER and FIRE+ICE

Function is one consideration, and the look is another. BOGNER and FIRE+ICE manage to harmonise these two aspects in a masterly way. Men looking for something a little different are sure to like the styles in camouflage or an offbeat ski overall. Or why not go for an attention-getter in dazzling white, blue or red? Mottled ski trousers are also popular with statement jackets. And with basics in black or dark blue, you know you’re always stylishly on the safe side.

The exclusive piste look with BOGNER and FIRE+ICE

So you’ve found your trousers? You don’t need much more for a high-quality ski outfit. The collections from BOGNER and FIRE+ICE also include functional first layers and second layers. Not forgetting an exclusive ski jacket and accessories. That’s how quickly style-conscious men can be ready to ski!

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