Colors of BOGNER
The summit is calling: Gear up for an active winter with heritage-inspired ski looks in feel-good colors. Get inspired and start feeling good about the new season now.
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The Winter Getaway

Active Alpine Days

As varied and exciting as a trip with friends: the Ski 2023 collection by BOGNER. At the heart of every look: spectacular colors, unmistakable motifs and high-performance silhouettes. Meet the first collection highlights now and get excited for dynamic days on and off the slopes.

Ski Symphony

Where ski racing, spectacle and cinematic choreography meet: Inspired by Willy Bogner junior's film "Skifascination", the Ski 2023 collection combines the iconic 1960s aesthetic with innovative details and ultra-functional materials.

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Fall/Winter 2023 Collection Highlights

Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign
The BOGNER Winter Getaway
A Journey with Friends: the new collection. Get inspired now.
Forever Iconic
The BOGNER Jacket
Luxurious. Sporty. Unique. The first styles have arrived.
Golf Winter 2023 Collection
Stand out on the Green
Focus on fashion, function and high performance: the Golf Winter 2023 collection.