Men's Bermudas / Shorts

Exclusive shorts from BOGNER 

Short and simple - men who like to keep it casual and uncomplicated wear shorts in the summer! Yet there is much more to this key piece for hot weather than meets the eye. BOGNER knows why this essential for men’s summer wardrobes is a fashionable late bloomer. And how best to wear and combine Bermudas and shorts.  

Men’s Bermudas – for both work and play 

Bermuda shorts owe their name to their popularity on the Bermuda Islands. They are still worn there as workwear. Police officers and civil servants classically combine the shorts at work with knee-high socks and shirts, optionally with jackets and ties as well. In the past, wearing shorts was reserved for the inhabitants of subtropical regions and the younger generation.  

Until more and more athletes and Hollywood stars suddenly started wearing shorts in the 1950s. It was only at this time that the garment became socially acceptable as a breezy leisure outfit for adults as well. Shorts are still a rarity in the office, even though they keep popping up in the course of various trends, such as summer suit fashion. They are perfect for the smart casual look, however.  

BOGNER shorts and the question of length 

As they say, keep it short and sweet! But how short is appropriate and fashionable when it comes to men’s shorts? Short and sweet: they should reach to knee height or at most just above the knee.  If you are unsure, wear shorts that are a little longer rather than too short.  Because trousers that reach to thigh level quickly become a fashion faux pas. In this respect, caution is also advised with the baggy look, or slim-fitting short styles. With shorts and Bermudas that are loose-fitting, but not too loose, and straight cut, a man will always hit the fashion bullseye. You will find suitable styles in a variety of materials and many colours in the men’s collections from BOGNER. 

More summer pieces from BOGNER 

Shorts can also grow up - that’s no longer a secret. BOGNER bermudas look best when worn with classic polo shirts or modern casual shirts! The outfit looks particularly smart when the top is tucked loosely into the waistband. For an evening barbecue, wear a timeless cardigan or a sporty jacket on top. Slip-ons or trainers complete the outfit. Alternatively, head to the beach bar with the combination of t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops.