Women's Dresses / Skirts

From elegant to sporty to casual with BOGNER 

A one-piece woman’s garment that covers both the upper body and legs at the same time.  That is the definition of the dress.  What this definition doesn’t include is the versatility of a garment that has been delighting women since time immemorial.  The different shapes, colours and materials make it wonderfully versatile.  The long, luxurious evening gown, the casual long blouse, the tunic on the beach – all just as much loved as the sophisticated sheath dress at the office.  Sporty women go for fitted midi polo dresses. 

A dress for every occasion – a thing of the past 

At the beginning of the 19th century, a distinction was made between the day dress and the more elegant ball gown.  Around the 1820s, women used to wear a morning dress under a matching dressing gown.  From the 1840s onwards, having a different dress for every situation had become well established – for going into town, for paying a friend a visit, for a cosy afternoon at home or an elegant evening gathering, for the ball, for travelling and for drinking tea. 

By 1870, the range of dresses for different occasions had reached its climax.  In those days, it was quite customary for well-heeled ladies to change several times a day.  As the 20th  century progressed, the number of occasions requiring their own special dress grew ever fewer.  Differentiation was increasingly made by the use of materials and styles, and this continues to apply today.  

Modern dresses from BOGNER 

How about a straight cut knitted dress?  Or maybe a sporty A-line dress with contrasting side stripes?  Our collections even include functional golf dresses with practical inner shorts - the epitome of sporty nonchalance.  In addition to timeless long and mid-length styles, you can always go for a tunic dress or a long blouse.  A summertime evergreen is a sleeveless model in classic polo shirt style that never ceases to delight with its characteristic piqué look and collar. 

All about the exclusive dresses from BOGNER 

Dress to impress! And we don’t just mean the dress itself, but also some carefully coordinating key pieces and stylish accessories.  Layering and experimentation with contrasting colours and materials are some contemporary choices in this regard.  In this way, a loose pullover with an elegant sheath dress adds an easy-going twist.  And when it gets cooler, jackets and waistcoats in approximately the same length are a spot-on choice.  A belt is perfect for artfully drawing attention to the waist.  Boots and trainers promise smart clashes of style when worn with playful summer dresses.