Maria Bogner
For the Ages – “Bogners”

Internationally, the term is as synonymous with wedge trousers as “Tesa” is in Germany for adhesive strips. The elegant “Bogners”, with their slim silhouette, stretchy material and stirrups for each foot to prevent the trouser leg from riding up, were a revolutionary innovation in the 1950s. In 1951, the Italian fashion magazine “Grazia” praised Maria Bogner and her wedge trousers on their cover. And during their skiing holidays in Sun Valley in 1955, American skiers wanted Maria Bogner to tell them where she got her slinky, stretchy ski suit made of wool and nylon. “I made it myself,” she replied casually. This trip to the USA established the “Bogners” legend in the States the final breakthrough for the “stretch pants queen”.

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