Forever Sporty

Innovate to Elevate – but with Style!

“Sporting quality” - if you want to sum up an entire company, a decades-long universe of sports fashion and innovations in two words, then these are precisely those two words. After all, Willy Bogner Jr himself once described the BOGNER philosophy precisely like this. Sports and quality - these are the cornerstones of the brand. The whole concept has always been inspired by the casualness of American sportswear - elegance united with sportiness, up to all the tricks and suitable for all occasions. Fashionable, yet functional clothing that makes you look great on the ski slopes in winter as well as at après-ski, clothing that makes just as much of an impression in the summer on the golf course, the tennis court, in the bike saddle or on the mountain as it does in the bar, in the restaurant and in the alleyways of the big city. Always performance-oriented and with a good dose of innovation - after all, athletes love to develop and improve their own performance.

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