The Zipper that Made History

A small step for a jacket, but a big leap for fashion. In 1955, Maria Bogner replaced the pullers on the zips of BOGNER ski jackets with a distinctive ‘B’ – this invention made the company a pioneer in branding. Subsequently, the BOGNER ‘B’ developed a sometimes discreet, sometimes showy life of its own as a trademark on jackets, hats, sunglasses and even as a necklace pendant. James Bond wears it when skiing, German Olympic athletes at opening ceremonies. In 2002, almost 50 years after its introduction, this unmistakable logo even appeared in oversized format on the Brandenburg Gate. After years of restoration work, the Berlin landmark that had been wrapped up in a massive fabric cover, was unveiled in a fashion befitting its status - and for the occasion, Willy Bogner Jr in person floated down in a helium balloon to open a giant ‘B’ logo zip.

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