Total Look & Ski-Fiction!

Like his mother Maria, Willy Bogner Jr loved to experiment with new functional materials and techniques - all the better if this resulted in completely new looks! So in 1973 he immediately seized the opportunity when a new photo-printing process made it possible for the first time to print top-quality photos on ski suits. BOGNER ski suits became a photographic wallpaper and real head-turners! Then in 1984, he presented his idea of the “Total Look”. For the first time, skis and ski suits were available as a design unit with the same graphics.

In 2004, Willy went one step further and developed a complete ski made of an innovative material. On the Hawaiian island of Maui, he had admired an old surfboard made of balsa wood. He wanted a ski that, like this board, would become more beautiful with each passing year. After some experiments, Willy decided on bamboo as the material. He combined the high-quality tensile material with phenol, titanal and glass fibre and thus developed a ski of superlatives, the “BOGNER Bamboo” –- a unique symbiosis of style and function that even received the iF Design Award in gold!

Then in 2007, on the occasion of the company’s 75th birthday, Sônia and Willy Bogner Jr brought the future into the present with their “Future Suits”. The visionary white and silver ski suits not only shone in the classic colours of spacesuits, but were also equipped with luminous LED applications with power generated by solar energy. Ski-fiction on the slopes!

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